Applied Psychological Services Clinic (APSC)

The Applied Psychological Services Clinic's first priority is to provide a quality training experience for our clinical psychology doctoral students. Therefore, the clinic will be flexible in accommodating people seeking services. The clinic staff will work with clients who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties to arrange a reduction in fees with the understanding that their fee status will be reassessed once their financial situation improves. Fee reductions are subject to review by the clinic director.

The APSC does not accept insurance. Individual, group, family and conjoint therapy session fees are on a sliding scale that takes into account income level and number of dependents. The client will be counted as a dependent along with any other people that he or she counts as dependents on his or her federal tax return. If the client is responsible for payment, then fees will be based on his or her income. If the client is a minor or has a legal guardian, the fees will be based on the income of the parent or guardian. Fees are generally not negotiable. A reduction in fees may be granted after review by the clinic director.

NOTE: Our fees will not be negotiable. The sliding scale accommodates factors determining ability to pay. Our fees will be very reasonable as indicated by a recent survey of similar clinics. If unpaid fees accumulate to excess levels, client services may be discontinued. The office manager will inform the clinical psychology trainee if a client's cumulative clinic debt has become excessive (i.e., over $50.00 or nonpayment for 6 or more sessions). The clinical psychology trainee may be asked to serve as a mediator to the client because services may be terminated for non-payment.

Fee Schedule

Intake Fees
Flat Fee: $25.00

Yearly Income (sliding fee scale with financial burden)
Tier 1 - $ 5.00
Tier 2 - $15.00
Tier 3 - $25.00

Testing and Assessment
Yearly Income
Tier 1 Personality Testing - $15.00 | Tier 1 Cognitive Testing - $25.00 | Tier 1 Comprehensive PE/ADHD - $30.00
Tier 2 Personality Testing - $30.00 | Tier 2 Cognitive Testing - $50.00 | Tier 2 Comprehensive PE/ADHD - $60.00
Tier 3 Personality Testing - $45.00 | Tier 3 Cognitive Testing - $75.00 | Tier 3 Comprehensive PE/ADHD - $120.00

Per Therapy Session
Yearly Income
Tier 1 - $5.00
Tier 2 - $10.00
Tier 3 - $20.00

Fee Schedule — Psychological Services - JSU Faculty/Staff
Intakes - $13.00
Therapy - $10.00
Personality Testing - $23.00
Cognitive Testing - $38.00
Comprehensive Evaluation - $60.00

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) — Contractual Fees *
Intakes - $25.00
Therapy - $20.00
Personality Testing - $45.00
Cognitive Testing - $75.00
Comprehensive Evaluation - $120.00

*Department of Human Services (DHS)/Outside Agencies

Fee Schedule — Psychological Services —JSU Students/Athletic Department
Intakes - $7.00
Therapy - $5.00
Personality Testing - $12.00
Cognitive Testing - $15.00
Comprehensive Evaluation $30.00

Prices range from 5.00 to 120.00 (price depends on options selected)