25th Annual Orff-Schulwerk Certification Course

25th Annual Orff-Schulwerk Certification Course
The Jackson State University Department of Music is pleased to offer Level I of the Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Course this summer. Orff-Schulwerk centers around the development of the whole child, while encouraging the continued development of the teacher. Orff-Schulwerk uses poems, rhymes, games, songs, and dances as its foundation for teaching music; the melodic and percussive musical activities are easily learned by the students. Designed for all children, the Orff-Schulwerk technique enables students to create good music immediately. The course itself provides a non-competitive atmosphere, where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others.

Early Bird registration is $650.00 if paid before June 28, 2021.

All Tuition payments are due by July 12, 2021.

Cost: $700.00 - Tuition NO Credit
Cost: $740.00 - Tuition No Credit with Continuing Education Units
Date: July 19 - 30, 2021
Venue: F. D. Hall Music Center | Jackson State University Main Campus

All tuition fees must be paid by July 12, 2021. All fees are refundable minus a $50 application fee.

To complete your application, click: Application.

Prices range from $650.00 to $740.00 (price depends on options selected)